A Kept Woman(5)

By: Daryl Devore

“But my face wasn’t on the photo?”

“Faces can be misleading.” He held out his hand. “I’m Derek.” Arianne released the coffee mug and placed her trembling hand into his. He turned it over and kissed the back it. “Nice to meet you, Arianne. We can spend the time here talking. Or we can go to the apartment.”

“How about a bit of both?”

“Then I may as well lay everything on the table. Since this is a business deal I’ll be blunt. This whole thing is about me. You are an employee. Your needs are irrelevant. If the sex isn’t satisfying to you, then the pay check should be. Do you have a problem with that?”

Arianne tugged on the zipper of her sweater and slowly lowered it. She discreetly opened it revealing her naked breasts.

A small grin passed over Derek’s face. He reached out and gently slid his index finger down her right breast and across her nipple. “They are beautiful. It will be a pleasure to become well acquainted with their feel and taste.”

She glanced down. Her nipples were erect. “I am an honest hardworking person. If I agree to this, I will perform my duties to the best of my ability and hopefully to the pleasure of my employer.”

A puzzled look crossed his brow and he leaned closer. “Why are you doing this?”

“I need a job. This is a very expensive city and when you are unemployed it quickly becomes an unfriendly place to live. I am not a virgin and I am an adult. My body is mine to use as I see fit. You are offering me employment.”

“Very businesslike. Excellent.”

“Can I ask you why you are doing this? You are very handsome and could get any woman you wanted. You are well dressed so you must have a decent job. Stock broker or lawyer, I’d say.”

“I was angry at the entire female race and drunk when I placed the ad. Then I forgot about it.” Derek rubbed his forehead. “When I checked it out there were too many replies. Being practical, I said one of those women has got to be better than all the others I’ve dated. I think I went through the first fifty and found you. When you’re ready, I would like to take you up and show you the apartment. Here is my AIDS test. I am clean of that and any other STD.” Arianne read his certificate and handed him hers. He glanced at it and returned the paper to her. “Drink your coffee. I’ll finish my paper.”

While he read, Arianne watched his face. He has one of those serious brows. Makes him look all important. And a compassionate face. Gorgeous, but compassionate. He doesn’t seem evil or anything. Bet there are a couple of cute dimples if I could only get him to smile. I think he’ll be a fair boss, but look out if I piss him off. His eyes! Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes that blue. Or that mesmerizing. I can’t stop looking at them. He can probably see deep down into my soul. She stifled a giggle. Gee, I’m getting all romantic and stuff here. Somehow I don’t think I could hide a secret from him. What secret? I’ve got nothing to hide and I’m about to get as up close and personal on one can get.


Her attention returned to him. “Pardon?”

“Are you done talking to yourself? Or in other words, have I passed inspection?”

Ignoring the embarrassing blush on her cheeks, he folded his paper, stood up and put on his winter overcoat. Arianne zipped up her sweater and jacket and followed him outside. They rounded the restaurant to the back parking lot. Parked off to the side was a dark blue SUV, license plate Derek 3.

When both were seated, Derek said, “I am not going to make you sign a contract. I doubt either of us wants a paper trail. You have as much to lose here as I do. If you attempt to scream rape or breach of contract or try to extort more money out of me, my lawyers can and will shred you into tiny pieces.”

“I understand what you’re telling me? I’m not naive. Having lived in this city too long, I’ve developed a good judge of character. You seem sincere and mean to use me only as an employee. I’m ready to go to the apartment.”

Derek maneuvered through the city streets and parked in an underground parking garage. They walked to the elevator. “You need this to make it work.” He handed her a small red card as he held his matching one. “Use this one. It’s an express. It only stops at certain floors.”

“And which floor is it supposed to stop at?”

“Fifty-sixth floor, but that’s already encoded into the card.” He handed her a second card which was blue. “When the elevator stops, slide this card through the reader and the front doors will open. It is part of the security. A person may be able to get up to the apartment, but they still have to get the doors open to get in.”

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