A Kept Woman(4)

By: Daryl Devore

My name is Arianne. I’m 25 and recently unemployed so I’m ready to explore any job opportunity. Especially one that will pay an excellent salary. I keep in shape. I like to party but I don’t do drugs. I’m not a virgin, but I am clean—no STD’s. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t jump into bed with every guy I meet. I’m just a regular girl pushed into a corner and is desperately looking for a way out.

How much is “excellent pay”?

She hit the send button. No turning back now. While online she did a daily depressing search of the job listings. As she was about to click off, she noticed her email icon was flashing.

Hello Arianne. This is Derek. I am 28 and employed. I also like to keep in shape, but I enjoy a lazy day doing nothing but watching TV. There will be no drugs involved—only sex. I don’t have the time or the patience for a relationship.

Job description - service me at least once a week - say every Tuesday. I will supply an apartment for our meetings. I don’t want to wine and dine you. There is no emotional involvement. I want to walk in, fuck and leave.

Pay - how does $8,000 a month - to start - sound? Reply.


“Sounds pretty damn good!”

Replying to the message she typed,

Derek, This is not an acceptance of job, just a couple more questions. When would I start? How would I be paid?


While waiting for his reply she picked up her clothes and tossed them on top of the growing pile in the laundry hamper. Pulling out a pair of warm flannel PJs, she dressed and sat back in front of the computer.

Hello again,

Next Tuesday. Paid in cash. No paper trail. I will provide AIDS test result— you must also—on first meeting.

If willing, meet at the Corner Coffee House on Thirty Fourth Street. Be there by 1:00 p.m. If all is acceptable, we will have our first session. I will pay you $1,000 cash. Trial basis. I will then decide whether to continue or end this business arrangement. Reply.


To the monitor she said, “A thousand dollars! For one afternoon’s work! How can I turn it down? I need the money. It’s a job. My employer pays me to do what he wants. My former employer paid me to illustrate books and now my new employer is going to pay me a fortune for one afternoon a week and—” A sexy grin crossed her face. “It’s not like I don’t like sex. Send the message, girl.” Before she had time to change her mind, Arianne typed out her message and sent it. She tapped her fingers on the keyboard waiting for his reply.

Done. Tuesday. Derek.

Arianne’s hand clapped to her mouth. “Oh my God! What have I done?”

Chapter Three

Tuesday at 12:50, the subway raced through the dark tunnel. Arianne felt as if everyone knew and was staring at her, silently condemning her for what she was about to do. She had spent the morning indulging in a long, hot soak in the bathtub. Every piece of clothing she owned had been tried on and rejected a half dozen times. Outfits ranging from Catholic school girl to sleazy woman of the night were created and discarded.

She pulled her winter jacket closer to her body as she felt the subway train slow then stop at the station. Stepping out onto the street to her left, two stores away, was the Corner Coffee House. The clock above the door read 12:59.

People pushed past her, both trying to enter and exit the subway station. Pace by pace she moved toward the coffee shop. She passed the restaurant glancing in the window. Her eyes scanned the patrons--business men, ladies out shopping and lovers. To anyone inside, she looked like someone thinking about a quick cup of coffee.

She stepped inside. The warm aroma of coffee teased her nostrils. She stood near the counter and waited. Attempting to appear as if she were looking for a seat, Arianne surveyed the room. The instant her eyes passed over his table, she knew which man was Derek. In the corner, reading a financial paper sat a dangerously handsome man.

He reached for his coffee mug and raised it to his lips. Arianne shivered. That mouth would soon be kissing her. She closed her eyes and imagined his lips closing around her firm nipple and gently sucking on it.


She snapped back to reality. “Small Mocha Cappuccino. Lite.” She dug out coins and bills until she had the correct amount and placed the money on the counter.

To stop the trembling in her hands, she firmly gripped the coffee mug. Her knees were weak as she crossed the coffee shop floor. She apologized as she bounced off two customers. Pausing, she looked over her shoulder. The door was not that far away. She could make it.

He looked up. She glanced his way. Her eyes locked onto two ice blue spheres. He stood and pulled out the chair in front of her. Her knees gave way and she settled herself. “I recognized you when you entered,” said the man.

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