A Kept Woman(2)

By: Daryl Devore

He dropped her tight shorts to the floor, slid his hand between her thighs while his fingers searched for a moist wet recess. “You don’t need any foreplay. You are ready, woman.”

He pulled a condom out of his wallet. Trixie opened the package, placed the condom over the tip of his fully aroused penis and with an experienced grip rolled it the length of his shaft until she reached its base. After a quick tickle of his balls, she turned and spread her legs.

Slipping inside Trixie’s hot and ready pussy, Derek felt the familiar pleasure begin to grow. He didn’t need a girlfriend. He needed a woman--one who would fulfill his desires but not clutter his life. Focusing on himself his pace grew frantic. Panting he said, “Better cum soon, Trixie. ‘Cause I am about to.”

Trixie’s hand rubbed her clit. “Oh gawd that feels so good. No, don’t come. I’m not ready.”

With one last powerful thrust, Derek exploded inside her. His thrusts slowed. While Trixie furiously worked herself, Derek hung his head and regained control of his breathing. He felt the shudder pass through Trixie. Placing a kiss between her shoulders, he slipped out of her, tossed the condom into the garbage, zipped up his jeans and returned to his buddies.

“What’d ya get lost?” Kevin asked.

“Naw, I was fucking, Trixie.”

“Don’t tell us that.” Steve held his hands to his ears.

“But I like what you said Kevin.”

Kevin’s brow crinkled as he rubbed his nose with the back of his hand.

Derek continued, “Before I went to take a leak. You said take out an ad. I’m gonna do it. All it’s going to say is Woman wanted. I don’t want a girlfriend. They’re nothing but pains in the butt.”

“Then you sure as hell don’t want a wife.” Steve lowered his head and shook it.

Derek grabbed the paper off the bar and ripped through until he found the personal ads. Digging out his cell phone he dialed the newspaper office. After talking with someone at the paper, he returned to his buddies. “You’re all drunk. Go home.”

“Did you do it?” Kevin asked.

“Said I would, didn’t I?”

“Do what?” Linc asked.

“I’ll explain in the cab. Come on Linc. You got balls, Derek.” Kevin slapped Derek on the back.

After helping Linc into the cab and waving goodbye, Derek walked to his car, mentally calculating his blood/alcohol level. Should be below the legal limit. But barely, crap, shoulda paid more attention to the number of beers. Guess I shouldn’t drink angry. He put his key into the ignition.

Returning to his zillion dollar penthouse apartment, Derek collapsed across his bed. He rubbed his face and sighed. A hangover and chairing a board meeting tomorrow, the two things he despised most in the entire universe.

Chapter Two

Arianne burst into her apartment, brushed past her roommate, threw her keys onto the coffee table and plopped onto her couch. “I hate men.”

Taylor looked up. “Me excluded, of course.”

“I hate straight men. There, is that better?”

“Well, I can commiserate with that. I hate straight men, too.”

She pulled out her hair tie and shook her shoulder length hair free. “I hate my life.” After a deep depressed sigh, she snatched up the newspaper that had been lying on the coffee table.

Taylor put his Blackberry in his pocket. “Now this sounds serious.”

“It has been two months and I still can’t find a job.”

“Then why do you hate men?”

“Because some man caused the downturn and made it difficult for people to buy stuff and now I don’t have a job.” Unsuccessfully tossing the paper across the room, it fluttered to the carpet near her feet. “And to top it off, Kyle broke up with me. He suddenly woke up and found that he’s in a different place and I don’t belong there with him. Whatever the hell that means.”

“This is where—”

“And, I’m living a stereotype. I’m like in one of those sitcoms. Straight girl lives with gay guy. Hell, I can’t even screw you ‘cause we like the same thing - men! Except, I hate men!”

When her ranting subsided, Taylor tried again. “This is where I get practical and ask, you do have some money saved up, right?”

Arianne shook her head.

“How can you be employed for two years and not have saved anything?”

“Well, I had to pay off my college loan.”

“Not to mention a new pair of shoes every other week. So how much do you have or do I have to start looking for a new rent paying roommate?”

“I’m broke. I was sort of hoping to move in with Kyle while I hunted for something.”

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