A Scandal in the Headlines(63)

By: Caitlin Crews

Elena smiled. “So will I.”

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with Caitlin Crews

It’s such a huge world to create—an entire Sicilian dynasty. Did you discuss parts of it with the other writers?

Oh, yes! The other writers were such a huge part of the experience for me—thank goodness, as they’re all so talented! We talked about a lot of different story points, and even shared scenes when we used one another’s characters. I couldn’t have written it without them!

How does being part of a continuity differ from when you are writing your own stories?

It’s a completely different kind of challenge. When you’re writing your own books all the choices you make are organic; they all flow together as you write. In a continuity you have to work inside out, in some respects. You have to back into the characters in order to flesh them out, for example. You have to think a lot about why they do the things you’re told they do. I’d say it’s the writing equivalent of coloring in an already drawn character rather than drawing it yourself from scratch. Either way, you have to make them yours, but the process is a bit different.

What was the biggest challenge? And what did you most enjoy about it?

Learning who my characters really were was the biggest challenge—and then, when I did, I just loved them.

As you wrote your hero and heroine was there anything about them that surprised you?

Many things! I never quite knew what either of them would say, or how dark things would get for them before they found their way back to the light.

What was your favorite part of creating the world of Sicily’s most famous dynasty?

I loved Alessandro and Elena, but I also had a lot of fun researching Sicily. What a fantastic place!

If you could have given your heroine one piece of advice before the opening pages of the book, what would it be?

I would have told her to trust her heart. But we never do, do we?

What was your hero’s biggest secret?

That would be telling!

What does your hero love most about your heroine?

She’s seen the dark side of him and she loves him, anyway—she’s not afraid of him.

What does your heroine love most about your hero?

That she can trust him to be who he says he is, and not to betray her.

Which of the Correttis would you most like to meet and why?

They’re a bit intense, aren’t they? I think I’d like to watch them all from afar, as they’re so fascinating and gorgeous. Maybe if they were all gathered at a restaurant? Particularly one in Sicily, where I could glut myself on the wonderful food and watch a few Corretti dramas play out over the course of the meal….

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