Come Away With Me(77)

By: Ruth Cardello

Confidently, Maddy said, “I do.” She turned away from the window and said, “How are we on time?”

Abby said, “We should start heading down now if we want any pictures before the ceremony.”

As they gathered up their accessories, Nicole walked over to her soon-to-be sister and said, “Maddy, this is your family. I don’t mean to question how you deal with them.”

Maddy hugged Nicole and said, “No, it’s our family. You’ve been an Andrade for a while now—today simply makes it legal. I understand why you don’t trust people, Nicole, but I’m right about this. Trust me. Patrice Stanfield needs to know we care about her. Then she’ll come around.”

Nicole glanced back over her shoulder at the window and said, “I hope you’re right, Maddy. I really hope you’re right.

The End

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