Come Away With Me(7)

By: Ruth Cardello

Wiping away a fresh tear, Julia said, “I will, Dad. I’ll make you proud.”

“I’m already proud, Jules. Now go get some rest. Tomorrow is a whole new day. Love you.”

“Love you more,” Julia whispered and hung up. She fell back onto her bed and covered her eyes with one arm.

It won’t be hard for tomorrow to be better than today.

Although, today could have been worse. I could have accidentally killed Gio Andrade with that lamp instead of just stunning him. An image of her boss, eyes flashing with fury while he touched the wound on his temple, brought a fresh flush of color to her cheeks. Her breath caught as she remembered how he had looked when he’d turned around from his secretary’s desk—so arrogant, so in control.

Well, I knocked that right out of him.

She groaned at the memory.

And then actually wondered if he was attracted to me.

Because nothing is hotter than a good ol’ smack to the side of the head.

I’m sure he’s lying in his ridiculously plush bed thinking about me tonight.

Yeah, right.

Oh, my God. I’m going to be arrested when I go to work tomorrow.

Gio restlessly turned over in his bed. Another sleepless night. This time, however, he wasn’t thinking about any of his international projects. Nor was he cursing his family for distracting him from more important matters.

No, tonight he was plagued by the image of a woman he had no business thinking twice about. If there was one rule Gio had always adhered to, it was never mix business with pleasure.

Rolling onto his back, he tested the tender skin on his bruised temple and winced. He should have told Paul to fire her on the spot. That crazy brunette was obviously completely unsuited for security work. Beyond not recognizing the owner of the business she was supposedly guarding, she was dangerously unpredictable.

A fact that didn’t stop his cock from stirring to life at the memory of how her legs had seemed to go on forever. He shook his head and groaned as the movement sent a knifelike pain through his head. Still, his erection grew as his traitorous mind conjured images of what she would have looked like in just those high heels.

I should have let Ceci come over.

One of his welcome-home messages had been from his last hookup. She’d thanked him for the thoughtful gift he’d sent while he was away. He’d have to ask his secretary what it had been. He hoped she’d followed his normal rule of something generous that didn’t promise anything more. The women he dated expected to be pampered, but they knew the score.

Sex was just sex.

And good sex, while necessitating the occasional diamond bracelet, did not require emotional investment or the hypocrisy of vows. Marriage might have made sense back when a person’s life expectancy was forty, or when social norms dictated it, but he saw no reason for it in modern society.

Maybe for the sake of children.

But the world was already overpopulated—it could do with a few less of those, too. As his body continued to betray him and throb beneath the sheets, he rolled over again and punched one of his pillows. He didn’t want Ceci; he wanted his little brunette security woman.

What was it about her that made her unforgettable? Was it the way she’d reprimanded him even after she knew who he was, seemingly unimpressed by his title and wealth? He couldn’t remember a time when he’d been so easily dismissed by a woman. She’d seemed more concerned with upsetting Paul than him.

And I’m the one she hit.

That’s probably all this is—a concussion.

If concussions come with the side effect of a raging hard-on.

His little security guard was beautiful, but beauty was common in his world. She was lean with a killer ass, but those were common traits, too. What had been novel was the way his gut had clenched with excitement whenever their eyes met. He wasn’t an impulsive man, but he’d found himself cornering her, afraid she was an illusion conjured up by his exhaustion—a dream he didn’t want to wake from.

Desire that intense is dangerous.


A weakness that topples empires.

Something I thought I was immune to.

I’m being ridiculous.

This is the result of too much work and several weeks of pent-up sexual frustration.

I’ll call her into my office tomorrow, and in the light of day my cock will see the truth.

She’s just a woman.

Nothing different than any other I’ve known.

Not worth risking anything for.

Chapter Three

“Rena, send Julia Bennett up as soon as she gets in.” He hated that he’d started his day unable to concentrate on his email and instead requested information on a woman he’d spent far too much of the night thinking, then dreaming, about.

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