Until the Sun Falls from the Sky(181)

By: Kristen Ashley

She was right. She’d reminded him of something that upset him.


Lucien didn’t share this and Leah wasn’t done.

“But I also get something else. And I’ve thought this for a long time even when you told me before that you were mostly like me. There is magic at work. And that magic, I know in my heart, led me to you. And if that’s the kind of magic we’re dealing with then it’s the good kind. And we have that on our side. And we have love on our side. And the other four will have love on their side too. And when you have our kind of love, you can’t be beat because you won’t allow yourself to be beat.”

“I can’t argue with that,” he muttered and was rewarded with her smile.

Then her arms left his shoulders so her fingers could wrap around the sides of his neck and she tilted her face close.

“Nothing will take you away from me, darling,” her fingers squeezed, “nothing.”

Lucien stared into her beautiful eyes.

Then his arms tightened around her and he twisted her to her back as his mouth took hers in a searing kiss.

When he lifted his head, she took in an unsteady breath. Then she finished their conversation with a whispered, “I get all this,” her limbs gave him a squeeze and her lips gave him a smile, “and kickass, superhuman abilities. I… can’t… wait.”

Lucien grinned down at her. Then he dropped his head and kissed the smile away from her face.

Then he took his time doing a great many other things.

Things he couldn’t wait to do.

* * * * *

It was after the Ancient Claiming Ceremony. After the celebration following. After Nadia threw her back out breakdancing at the celebration. But before they would board a plane in the morning to travel to Italy for their honeymoon.

Her fists in his hair became insistent.

He felt it, stopped feeding, lashed his tongue along the wound and gave his brand-new bride what she wanted.

He tipped his head back and looked at her.

She slid down on his cock, filling herself full of him, her eyelids heavy.

Christ, she was beautiful.

So fucking beautiful.

Her lids were heavy but her focus was all on him.

“This is our eternity,” she whispered. His arms, already wrapped around her, went so tight he felt it as the gentle wind of her breath stroked his face.

All he could see was her beautiful features. All he could feel was her body in his arms, her sex wrapped around his cock, her thighs pressed tight to his hips, her breasts to his chest, her arms curved around his shoulders holding him close. All he could smell was the overpowering scent of her excitement. All he could taste on his tongue was her blood mingled with her skin and her pussy. All he could hear was her heart beating, her excited breaths.

“This is our eternity,” he agreed quietly.

Her lids grew heavier even as she smiled an alluring smile. A smile for his words. A smile because she, like he, knew they were living a dream.

“Give me beauty, my vampire,” she demanded.

Instantly, he flipped her to her back and gave into her demand.

Fuck, but he loved it when their dreams came true.


The Three Series will continue with the story of Callum and Sonia.


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