Together Forever(Billionaire Alpha Series Book 9)

By: Ali Parker

(Billionaire Alpha Series Book 9)


Bethany turned and looked around the tiny garage, boxes piled high on both sides of her. There was no way they were going to be able to get her mother’s place fully loaded up by nightfall. Why in the hell the woman would want to was the question. She had gotten a wild hair that everything needed to be moved out of the old house and put into storage before the wedding three days away.

Letting out a long sigh, Bethany pushed her chestnut hair back, the messy bun at the back of her head not doing its job at all. Her mother walked in from the front of the garage, a few cars having stopped to see if they were having a garage sale.

“Go call Matt and Kent. Someone wants the washer and dryer.”

“Mom. We should just donate all of this stuff. There’s no reason to sell it.”

“I am donating it. Go get them, sweet girl.”

Turning, Bethany checked her phone for the tenth time within the hour. Damon was at the office, holding down the fort so the rest of them could help pack. He was the only one she wanted to see, the idea of her mother getting married suddenly weighing heavily on her.

Kent was a great guy, but her real father was too when they first got married. Her mother deserved the best… Bethany hoped this time that’s what she was getting. Her new stepfather had been nothing but kind and giving, but everyone knew that even hell had recruiting days. Hopefully things would be different this time.

She opened the door to the small two-bedroom house and stuck her head inside. “Hey guys. Someone wants the washer and dryer. Come help us load it for them.”

Closing the door, she pulled her phone from her pocket and let out a groan. “Mom, I need to change and get up to the college. I have to get in a few hours with Dr. Tarrington today.”

“I thought you told him you were working yesterday instead.”

“I did, but school starts next week and the mess he gave me to work through yesterday didn’t get entirely done. I don’t want to leave him in a lurch. I need him on my side for the next year.”

“Then get going.” Her mom walked toward her, a smile on her pretty face.

The guys walked into the garage, Matt making caveman noises, as if they were the only reason the washer and dryer were able to get loaded. Bethany looked over her shoulder and rolled her eyes playfully.

“The men-folk are here now. Let’s get something done.” Matt smirked as Kent popped him in the chest.

“Which car, baby?” Kent glanced toward Bethany’s mom, her cheeks turning a rose color.

“The green truck with the open tailgate.” She walked toward them. “We can help too.”

“Heck no you’re not. You get hurt and who will marry my dad? Stand down, Karen. We’ve got this.” Matt kissed his biceps, one at a time, before moving toward the washer. Bethany leaned against the wall closest to her. Matt was so different than Damon and yet they had a friendship that permeated the air around them every time she had seen them together. The longing for Damon to be there with her rolled over her again.

The guys lifted the washing machine with ease and walked out toward the waiting truck as Bethany’s mom moved to stand beside her. Glancing over, she realized her mom had tears in her eyes.

“Hey, you okay?” Bethany wrapped an arm around her shoulders and tugged her close.

“Yes. I just don’t deserve Kent. He’s far better of a person than me, Bethany.”

“That’s not true.” Bethany pulled her mom into a hug, resting her cheek on the same shoulder that she had for the last twenty-two years. “He’s a good man, but you’re a great woman.”

“You’re a little biased.”

“Damn straight I am.” Bethany moved back and reached up, wiping at her mom’s tears. How Damon would harbor hate against his own mom was understandable, but so painful to think about. Bethany wouldn’t have survived the trauma of all her birth father put them through if her mom hadn’t been the rock she was. Damon’s past hurts were different, but just as life-altering.

“Watch your mouth.” Her mom pulled back as a smile spread across her face. “I’m so excited about leaving tomorrow, but I’m scared too.”

“Of the flight? I’ll be on the plane with you.” Bethany reached up and tugged her hair down, working to redo it.

“No. Of not being who Kent needs me to be. He’s got all his shit together and I feel like the hot mess express on a good day.” Her mom chuckled and wiped a few more tears, turning so her back was to the guys as they walked back in. Matt continued to tout their greatness as Bethany shook her head at him, enjoying the sound of his laughter.

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