The Billionaire's Secret Love Child

By: Tyra Hughes

Chapter 1

Cambry didn't want to out with her friend that evening. They'd been going to clubs for the past three weekends in a row and she just wanted to rest. However, her best friend Jenae was begging her to go. They were in Cambry's room while Jenae was trying on her friend's clothing. "Please, Cambry?" Jenae whined as she admired herself on the full-length mirror that hung on the closet door.

Sighing, Cambry stood and handed Jenae a pair of heels. "Fine," she said. "But next weekend we're staying in. Or, at the least, I'm staying home."

Jenae nodded, an excited smile spreading across her face. "It's a deal. Now, what do you think about this outfit?" She had chosen a black dress with a low v-cut and had on the black heels that Cambry had handed her.

Cambry nodded approvingly. "You look hot."

"Great! Let's figure out what you're going to wear," Jenae said, digging into Cambry's closet. After a moment she pulled out a sleeveless, sparkling silver dress. "What about this?" she asked.

Shrugging, Cambry took the dress from Jenae and pulled it on over her black lace panties and matching strapless bra. The sparkling silver complemented Cambry's cocoa-colored skin. Jenae gasped. "You look incredible in that!" she exclaimed.

With a smile Cambry said, "Thanks." She put a pair of silver hoops in her ears and a silver necklace around her neck. She fluffed her curly hair into an afro and added to her make-up while Jenae curled her red hair. Once they were ready, the women grabbed their clutches and called a cab to take them to the club.

Twenty minutes later the bouncer had let them inside where a crowd of people danced on a hardwood floor. Behind them was a raised section with tables so that the customers could sit and drink their drinks. Opposite from the tables was the bar, behind which stood several men pouring drinks. The soft blue lighting created a classy but still party-type atmosphere.

Across from the entrance a DJ stood on an elevated platform, providing the music. Immediately Cambry began to sway her body in time to the song. She and Jenae moved into the crowd and began to dance. After several songs they decided they needed a drink and the two made their way to the bar.

While they waited for one of the bartenders to approach them, Jenae struck up a conversation with a handsome man standing next to them. He flashed his pearly-white teeth at her as they talked and Cambry found herself rolling her eyes. He told them he was a male model. His tan skin and bleach-blonde hair certainly helped that image, but Cambry figured he was probably just trying to impress them. It certainly seemed to have done the trick for Jenae, but Cambry quickly lost interest.

Finally a bartender approached them. His dark hair and light eyes caught her attention and she found herself captivated by him. "What can I get for you?" he asked, flashing her a smile.

Returning his smile, Cambry asked, "What's your specialty?"

"Well, that depends on how drunk you want to get," he replied with a wink.

Cambry laughed. "Let's say I want a good buzz but to still maintain my inhibitions."

"Well, now, that's no fun," the man said.

She shrugged. "Depends on your type of fun."

"For a lady like you, then, I would suggest my Blue Mango Breeze," he told her.

"Sounds delicious," Cambry said. "I'll take it."

He smiled. "Great. I'm Brooks by the way." Brooks held his hand out for her to shake.

Cambry accepted, noticing how soft his hand was. "I'm Cambry."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Cambry," he said before he walked away to make her drink.

Jenae turned to her as the man she had been talking to walked away. "He's hot," she said.

"Who?" Cambry asked, her eyes still on Brooks. He laughed at something with the other bartenders and she smiled, enjoying the sound.

"Um, that hunk of meat you're devouring with your eyes," Jenae said.

Cambry quickly turned her head to her friend. "I wasn't," she protested.

Jenae laughed. "Right. And I'm the queen of England. You should ask him for his number. I bet he would give it to you in a heartbeat."

"Whatever. He's not into me," Cambry replied. Brooks returned and set a glass of blue liquid in front of her. "How much do I owe you?" she asked, opening her clutch and pulling out a ten.

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