The Billionaire's Needed Surrogate

By: Gemma Augustine

Chapter 1

“Good morning Miss Swift,” said the friendly doorman as he held the great glass door open for Ramona.

“Good Morning James,” she said as she walked by and hopped into the elevator, hitting the button for the 4th floor. Even after years of working in the Van Kamp’s house as their nanny, she had never quite gotten used to how resplendent and palatial their apartment building was.

Even before she reached the door she could hear the ruckus coming from 401, she straightened her sweater and knocked on the door. “Coming!” yelled Mrs Bridget Van Kamp from inside as the door swung open revealing the mother holding her toddler on her hip. “Oh Ramona! Thank God you’re here. The boys are fighting in the den and this one has been crying all morning and I really need to get ready for my Charity Board meeting at 9 30,” panted a breathless Mrs Van Kamp.

Ramona smiled and said “Go on and get ready, I’ll get the boys dressed for school.”

Mrs Van Kamp passed three year old Cerise into Ramona’s arms and walked in the direction of her bedroom. Ramona always admired how Mrs. Van Kamp found the time to maintain her lean and youthful figure despite having given birth to three children in less than a decade’s time.

A loud crash and the sound of glass breaking shifted Ramona’s train of thought as she rushed to the den with Cerise in tow. The two culprits stood sheepishly around the shattered glass vase.

“HE DID IT!” screamed seven year old Taylor pointing to his ten year old brother Brandon.

“DID NOT! Ramona, I was minding my own business when he pushed me into it,” Brandon retorted. Ramona stared at the eight hundred dollar limited edition handmade vase and then shifted her gaze to the boys.

“Come on boys, don’t step on the glass, walk around it,” she said patiently. “Now both of you go to your rooms and I want to see you in your school uniforms when you come out.” She said firmly. Both the boys lowered their blonde haired heads and walked off quietly.

“Come on now let’s get you something to eat Cerise,” she cooed at Cerise who smiled back at her. She set the little girl on a high chair and opened the marble laid cabinets to search for a bowl. She heard the sound of stilettos stomping against the floor.

“These darn boys! I’ve raised a couple of rowdies. We can’t have one nice thing in the house.” whined Mrs Van Kamp. “Where’s Lucy? Tell her to clean it up okay?” she said still looking sorrowfully at the broken vase.

“Boys will be boys, Mrs Van Kamp,” said Ramona pouring porridge into Cerise’s pink bowl.

Dressed in a Pink Chanel Blazer, black trousers with a matching Gucci bag, Mrs Van Kamp looked every bit the Upper Manhattan socialite that she was. It was Mr Van Kamp’s job as an Advertising executive at Madison that paid for everything that Ramona could see, including her salary, but rarely did she ever see Mr Van Kamp at home.

Blowing gently at the warm milk porridge, Ramona began to inch the spoon near Cerise’s mouth. “I’ve got this one, why don’t you go check on the boys Ramona?” asked Mrs Van Kamp. Ramona handed over the bowl and spoon and walked carefully to avoid the broken shards of glass.

The long corridor from the kitchen to the bedrooms were filled with exquisite paintings that Mrs Van Kamp had bought from charity auctions, though she always claimed she had charity events, Ramona couldn’t quite remember what the causes were.

Knocking once, Ramona entered to see a half dressed Brandon sitting wearily at the edge of his four poster bed. “Honey, what’s wrong?” she asked in her sweet and soothing voice. Brandon looked up with tears brimming in his blue eyes.

“I know Mom really loved that vase and she’s gonna blame me for breaking it even though I didn’t mean for it to happen.” He said as a tear rolled down his cheek.

Ramona pulled him in closer and wiped his cheek, “Hey kiddo, your mom knows it’s an accident. Now come on cheer up, let’s get you some of your favorite chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.” Brandon pulled his socks on and beamed at Ramona. “I’m gonna go see if Taylor’s ready. You head on to the kitchen okay?” Ramona said as Brandon buckled his belt. Ramona always loved the Van Kamp kids since she’d been looking after them since Brandon was three. She’d formed an especially close bond with the eldest boy since his parents had been giving the younger siblings more attention.

Walking into Taylor’s messy room, Ramona couldn’t see him anywhere. She rushed around the room searching every nook and cranny till she heard giggling from inside the closet. She swung it open to find Taylor crouched in one corner. “Come here you little monkey!” she laughed as she picked him up and put him on the bed. He refused to let go of her. “Taylor sweetie you need to get ready” she said as she pulled out his uniform from the closet and helped him put it on. She bent down to help him with his socks and he wiggled his toes, she tickled the bottom of his feet and he burst into fits of laughter.

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