The Billionaire's Bite

By: Olivia Hill

Chapter 1

I know that most people wouldn’t think that the “big thirty” was anything to worry about, but I was starting to realize that my biological clock was ticking. My parents live in Florida, retired and having the time of their life. They married when they were young and they have been together for the past 35 years. I wanted that same feeling of waking up next to the person that I love and knowing that this was going to stand up to the test of time. Unfortunately, my love life was pretty much dead on arrival and I really wasn’t looking for anything at the moment.

“Angelica, I just met the man of my dreams. I’m going to marry him, take him home to the family, and make beautiful babies that are just going to be the envy of all of my friends.” Kayla was one of the best salespeople that I’ve hired, but she always seemed to leave her heart hanging from her sleeve. “He’s just so fucking dreamy and when he looks into my eyes, I feel like I am completely naked in front of him.” I wasn’t sure how to react, because she always had a new flavor for each week.

“I hate to be a broken record, but you really are going to have to try to keep it in your pants at work. We’re trying to remain professional at all times and I can’t have you tripping over your tongue every time a handsome face comes into the store.” I was getting a little tired of her flirting, but then again, sex sells and she had proven that time and time again.

“I’m just saying that he really does take my breath away. I just sold him a very expensive ring that we’ve had on the shelf for the past year and a half.” I knew which one she was talking about and I never thought that anybody would want to buy something that ostentatious.

Not only was it bold and brazen, but it depicted a snake eating what looked like a bird in solid gold.

“That’s a pretty nice commission for you, Kayla.” She had the looks and the body to make any man want to buy something when they entered onto the premises. We were located in a kiosk in the mall, but we’ve been there for the past five years, and I don’t see any reason why I would have to go anyplace else. The traffic flow was perfect and you had to go by our kiosk in order to get out of the building.

I was a bit jealous of Kayla’s Barbie doll good looks, but I couldn’t control what God gave me. I was a black woman in a white man’s world and I was making a go of it. I was meatier, and had what most people called a Latin booty. I never really concerned myself with my weight, but I did eat healthy and tried to stay away from sugars and high carbs, as much as possible. I found several cookbooks that I could dig into and find a recipe that not only tasted great, but wasn’t going to make me gain just from looking at the pages.

Thankfully, my weight was proportionate with my height and being five-foot-nine had given me a long-legged stance with the kind of breasts that defied gravity. I always took care of myself and I even meditated and did yoga in the morning. For a bigger girl, I was quite flexible and I could practically put my feet over my head.

“Just because you got burned by a guy, doesn’t mean that all of us are going to fall into that same trap, Angelica.” I’d tried to shorten my name to Angie, but it never really fit my personality.

“I’m not saying that I’m not bitter, because the guy fooled me into thinking that he was my one and only. I don’t even want to mention his name, because I have wiped him from my memory and cut him out of all of my photographs.” I never thought that I would be the type of woman that would do something like that, but I had not only done that, but I’d also changed my look drastically. Where I had long dark hair, I had chopped it off into a pixie cut that really did accentuate my long neck. I’m not saying that I hadn’t noticed the way that the guys have been appreciative with their whistles and unnecessary stares when I walk by in a pair of tight jeans.

Today, I was wearing a black leather skirt and a white blouse, plus a silver belt that went around the entire ensemble. It hooked in the front and hung there loosely and I had to admit that I looked pretty damn good.

“I think what you need is something to break the monotony. I know that you’re having a thirtieth birthday party, but I think that you should make it a blowout extravaganza. Invite everyone you know and tell them to invite everybody that they know and let’s blow the roof off of the place.” That actually didn’t sound like such a bad idea and I’ve been working long hours and needed something to blow off some steam. I was not one for one night stands and even though I could probably find a guy in a bar, it didn’t mean that I was going to.

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