The Billionaire's Arranged Baby

By: Rochelle Williams

Chapter 1

The day was bleak, a proper setting for a funeral. It had rained earlier in the day and being November the rain had helped to maximize the cold.

Andrew looked around him and realized that his father had been loved. There were members of staff there; some of whom he did not recognize as well as numerous friends and a scattering of family. His eyes drifted over to where a middle aged woman stood beside a slim girl. His eyes sharpened as he realized who it was: little Eva had grown up into a beautiful young woman even though her clothes were department store bought, the simple black dress settled on her figure and clung to places that showed her curves. She was wearing a large hat that covered her head and most of her face but he saw full lips with a sheen of lip gloss on an oval face when she turned briefly to look in his direction. He remembered her as a child coming over to his house and how she had sat by herself while he and his friends played some game or the other.

His eyes drifted to his mother who was standing a little away from him, a single rose in her hand that she dropped on the casket as the minister prayed the closing prayer. He hated funerals; it showed how much a mortal a person really was. His father had died of a heart attack while Andrew was jet setting around the world. He knew he had been a big disappointment to both his parents who had expected him to settle down and be involved in the family business. He had no choice now and he was prepared for it, he had been sent to one of the best colleges in the world. He had never worked a day in his life but he supposed he had to start now.


“How are you holding up mama?” he asked his mother as they traveled from the cemetery in the large town car that had been provided by the funeral home. With only the two of them traveling he considered it a waste but who was he to talk about waste?

“As well as can be,” Irene Walker leaned back against the padded leather seat and closed her eyes.

He had not seen his parents in six months and his father dropping dead of a heart attack suddenly meant that he had he would never see him alive again. He had seen people looking at him and shaking their heads. The prodigal son had returned but unlike the one in the Bible he had just inherited a fortune.

They went the rest of the way in silence each caught up in their own thoughts.


Eva kicked off her shoes and sank down on the well worn couch wearily. It was a Saturday and she had taken the day off work to attend the funeral, how could she not? Blake Walker had been like a second father to her since her father had died when she was thirteen years old. They had been friends together and even when Blake had inherited a million dollar company from his father and turned it into a billion dollar corporation they had still remained friends. Her father had not been in his league as he was just a high school teacher but their friendship had sustained all that. Blake Walker had funded her college tuition and had refused to take back a cent from her when she had started working. He had asked her if she wanted to come and work for him at Walker’s Holdings but she had gotten her degree in library science and had taken a position at the library, it might not be working at a luxurious company but it was what she loved.

She had caught a glimpse of his son but had turned away when he caught her eyes. He had not been there for his father and she had read about his going on as he went from country to country with a different woman in tow.

“Honey, how about some soup?” Laura Campbell asked her daughter going into the kitchen.

“Thanks Mom.” Eva said gratefully, stretching her feet out. The house was small and cozy and had only two bedrooms; it was actually a little cottage and Eva had not craved more. She had gone away to college and came back here to be with her mother.

“Did you see Andrew?” Laura brought the bowls of steaming beef soup into the living room and set the tray down on the center table. “That boy will not settle down.” She added shaking her head as she took a seat opposite her daughter.

“I guess he does not have a choice now,” Eva said mildly.


“Are you kidding me?” the question was explosive. Andrew paced the hardwood floors of the study like a caged animal. It was the reading of the will and what the lawyer had read after outlining the assets had him seeing red. “Mom you knew about this?” he turned to look at his mother who was sitting in the chair at the head of the desk looking cool and remote in the Chanel suit she had worn for the funeral.

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