By: Lucia Jordan

Billionaire Brothers Book 1

The look on Rebecca’s face showed her exasperation as she faced her best friend Diane.

“Please don’t tell me you set me up on another blind date!” cried Rebecca accusingly.

“Well obviously you didn’t hit it off with Jason, and that’s okay,” Diane said with an unperturbed smile. “Because I’ve simply decided to keep trying till we find the right one for you.”

Rebecca let out an impatient sigh, her mind going back to Jason. They’d met weeks ago on a double-date Diane had arranged with her boyfriend Clark.

It had gone surprisingly well. They had dinner at a fancy restaurant and Rebecca though nervous at first was put at ease by Diane’s presence as well as the fact that their male company turned out to be quite charming. Jason, Rebecca’s date had impressed her with his unaggressive attention, good sense of humor and easy going manner which had made the evening go without a hitch.

For the first time in a long while, Rebecca could enjoy spending time with the opposite sex even if it was just a meal and drinks.

Later, Jason got Rebecca home and she calmly said her goodnight at her door where she left him before going in and locking herself in her apartment. She’d been aware that Jason would have preferred to be invited in but she didn’t think it was the right time for that yet. Not that she could be sure what Jason would have been expecting if she asked him in, but she hadn’t been curious to find out.

In the days that followed Jason kept in touch with phone calls and texts and clearly he wanted to see her again but Rebecca’s usual diffidence played up again. She just wasn’t the same since her last messy breakup. Now, getting involved with someone new seemed a hassle – unless the chemistry was out of this world. And Jason definitely didn’t give her that.

“Diane, you’re my girl and all that but isn’t it time you stopped trying to control my love life?” Rebecca finally asked, her tone resigned.

“I’m not trying to control anything. But I don’t mind being the kick-starter of your next great romance,” declared Diane with a grin even as Rebecca groaned in dismay.

Now here she was at a swanky bar waiting for her date to arrive, and she was already restless. Diane had had to practically threaten her to make it that evening, but in the end Rebecca had got her to promise to stop if things didn’t go well this time.

“Okay, so if things don’t meet expectations with your date tonight, I promise to give you some breathing space at least for a while,” Diane had said.

Out of relief at the prospect of being given some peace at last, Rebecca had reluctantly made it to the venue of the date. It was a classy place, not too crowded or noisy. She’d come a bit early to get her bearings. For some reason she was extra nervous tonight.

Which could be down to the fact that she didn’t really know much about whom she was about to meet. Usually Diane gave her a lot more information to prepare her, but this time - nothing.

“Simply be there by eight o’clock. Let’s just say it’s going to be a pleasant surprise. And I’m sure that on this occasion, you won’t be disappointed. ,” Diane had said in a manner that suddenly, struck Rebecca as overly mysterious.

Just what crazy scheme has Diane fixed me up in now? Rebecca wondered with a sinking feeling.

Not that it really mattered, she told herself with a careless shrug. After tonight, if things didn’t go well then she’d already decided she’d just have to hang up her dating boots and get used to her single status. Maybe romance wasn’t really in the cards for her after all.

Sighing, she took a sip from the drink she’d ordered to calm her nerves and missed the admiring looks a few of the male customers sent her way. She was too busy wondering about her outfit and if she should have worn something more daring. As it was, her dress was only slightly clingy and skimmed her knees, while the neckline could only be described as demure.

Well at least I wore nice heels; thought Rebecca, the pricey ones with soles a fashionable scarlet. And she’d done her dark brown hair into a silky up do and she was wearing her favorite perfume. So it wasn’t like anyone could say she hadn’t made an effort.

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