Russian Mafia Billionaire's Secretary

By: Leona Lee

Chapter One

Alanna Vella rubbed her eyes impatiently. She had been staring intently at her laptop for hours, as she scoured the job boards for secretarial or assistant positions that paid more than barely above minimum wage. Living in New York City was expensive no matter which borough you resided in. Several times over the past few months, she contemplated moving elsewhere, but at close to thirty and with a young child, she wasn’t sure she was up to starting over. Besides, she loved her city and she wasn’t prepared to admit defeat. At least, not yet.

Turning back to her current job search, she clicked refresh and was pleased to see a new job posted. Reading the lengthy job description for the secretarial position for a busy executive, her eyes widened when she read the salary offered.

She thought about how her savings had dwindled down to almost nothing these past few months and how quickly she could replenish it again.

“Found one!” she announced to her sister, Alyssa, as she tucked her long, curly red hair behind her ears. She studied the listing, as Alyssa appeared behind her to look over her shoulder at the ad.

“Ooh, this looks like a good one,” her sister commented excitedly, as she rested her hand on Alanna’s shoulder. “Fifty thousand a year to start? Holy crap! What kind of a company is it?”

“I haven’t checked yet. Let me do a quick search.” Typing in “Denisov International”, she pulled up numerous pages citing the company’s financial growth. Finding the website for the company, she clicked on it as her sister read over her shoulder.

“What kind of a company is it?” her sister asked impatiently.

Clicking through the services section, “It says that they’re a shipping company?”

“What’s that?”

Reading from the website, Alanna described the company’s services for potential clients. “From the looks of it, most of their clients are outside the US and they ship ‘commodities’ to the US. I can’t tell if any of their clients ship from the US to other countries.”

“Oh, maybe you’ll get to travel. That would be exciting. Wait! Who is that a picture of?”

Clicking on the picture her sister pointed to, Alanna pulled up a photo of Alexander Denisov. “He’s the CEO.” She read from his bio, as her sister leaned closer to look at his image on the laptop.

“He’s gorgeous. He could be a model.”

“He’s probably married with four kids,” Alanna teased as she looked at the photo of the handsome executive.

“Maybe he’s single. You are applying for the job, right?” her sister demanded as she rocked back and forth on her heels.

“Right this minute.” Toggling over to her desktop, she began searching for her resume. “Just think, Lys, if I get this job, we won’t have to take any more out of savings.”

“I wish I made more money at the department store, but only working part-time kind of sucks. Maybe I should ask for more hours.”

“I keep telling you, just worry about getting through college. The rest will come later,” Alanna assured her sister.

“I know, I hate the thought of you having to carry the financial load when I should be helping,” Alyssa revealed with a sad look on her face.

“Hey, what are big sisters for? Besides, once you become a highly sought after attorney and make partner, I’m retiring,” she teased.

Laughing, her sister hugged her. “Deal.”

Alanna opened the file with her resume, went over the details of her previous jobs with a fine-toothed comb making changes to match the job listing, and when satisfied, she attached it to the email.

She feverishly typed out a cover letter to show interest in the company’s open position. She hoped her desperation didn’t show in her words, but at the moment, she didn’t care. She’d been offered a receptionist position at a local law firm, but at only twenty-four thousand a year and no benefits for the first year, she’d have to look for a second job to make ends meet.

Her hopes had been dashed in the past, but she tried to remain positive. She clicked her mouse and attached the resume and cover letter. She typed out a quick introduction in the email itself and clicked the ‘send’ button.

“Now, we wait and see if they want to give me an interview,” Alanna said aloud, as she closed her laptop.

“Yeah, and let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like your last job. That guy took advantage of you and he barely paid enough to cover rent and food.”

“I know, I know, hopefully this one will be different. It looks promising,” Alanna grumbled. “It says they need a hands-on secretary for a busy executive.”

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