By: Alexis Gold


A fuzzy looking orange cat stretched out lazily along the back of the sofa as the warm golden sun streamed into the large window. The window was one of hundreds set into the side of a building that stretched from the chaotic concrete streets of Manhattan upward to the clouds that floated over the city. The cat purred contentedly, his eyes closed and his body unmoving, as five dark fingers tipped with Merlot colored nail polish combed through his unruly wild fur.

“Harold…” the woman he owned said as she drew her nails along the length of him, “why don’t you go get a job and support us and I’ll lay around in the sunshine and spy on the fish in the tank.”

Her light sky blue eyes contemplated him wistfully for a long moment as her full luscious lips formed into the hint of a frown. “It’s a good thing I love you, cat,” she told him with a quiet sigh. Naomi Bradshaw tipped her head and gazed at her cat, her long, loosely curled black hair spilling slightly over her shoulder as she did so. The sunlight coming in through the window made her dark bronze skin seem to glow with a warm depth and an exotic golden hue.

“It’s a good thing he has you!” her best friend voiced as she refilled their mugs with steaming black coffee. “The day you bought him home from the rescue facility was the luckiest day of his life.” She set the carafe back on the table and raised her warm brown eyes to meet her friend’s gaze.

Naomi uncurled her long slender legs and moved them off the edge of the leather sofa, putting her feet on the floor as she leaned over to lift her mug of coffee from the table and gave a smile to her friend, Andrea.

Andrea was sassy; everything about Andrea was sassy, from her super short-cropped hair that was usually bathed in gel to stiffen it. She liked to style it to suit her mood, which at that moment was a fiery one, so there were short chunks and tufts of hair fluffed out in every direction. Her makeup was colorful to complement her bold choices in fashion and clothing. Andrea was wearing snug pants over her generously round and full figure, topped with a hot pink blouse that floated over her hefty bosom and drifted around her wide waistline. Her delicate little hand and dainty fingers, tipped with hot pink polish, reached for her coffee mug and she smiled back at Naomi.

Naomi was the antithesis of Andrea. Tall and lean, muscular and still with feminine curves, she preferred the outdoors and the gym, and it showed in her physique. She slid her fingers beneath the cuffs of her sand colored sweater and tugged the sleeves up to just below her elbows.

“He is lucky,” she agreed with Andrea, “he just doesn’t seem to care.” She laughed and shook her head lightly as she brought her coffee mug to her rounded lips and sipped at the hot liquid.

Andrea held her mug in her hands and looked curiously at Naomi. “So what was the big news you wanted to tell me all about? I’ve waited to hear it all morning. You have your coffee, so now tell me what’s going on! You know I’m not patient!”

Naomi smiled widely as she glanced at her mug and ran her fingertips back and forth over it before looking back at Andrea. “Well,” she sighed and then took a deep breath, “you know that I’ve been putting my resume and job applications in all over the city.”

Andrea nodded. “Yeah. You haven’t gotten very good responses; at least, not what you’re looking for. You’re either over-qualified, over-educated, or they can’t pay you what you’re worth.”

“Well, I finally got an interview with a company that I think I could really work well for me. It’s at Cross Corp. I’ll go in to see them the day after tomorrow.” She bit her lip as she looked at Andrea. “I’m so nervous!”

Andrea laughed and shook her head. “Well that’s great news! Don’t be nervous. You’re brilliant; they would be lucky to have you there with them. What’s the job you’re applying for?”

“It’s for an executive administrative position. I’d basically be doing all the work for whichever executive needs help.” She giggled and lifted her mug to her lips to sip her coffee.

Andrea shrugged. “Well, at least it’s a good job. There are plenty of people out there without jobs right now, though none of them are as on top of their game as you are.”

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