More Than a Billionaire

By: Christina Tetreault

Chapter 1

“Mr. Sherbrooke, we’ll be landing in a moment.”

About time something went right today. Gray Sherbrooke glanced up from his magazine. “Thank you, Becky.”

His personal flight attendant smiled and walked away, once again leaving Gray alone with his thoughts. Opening his briefcase, he tossed the magazine inside and wished he could toss his guilt inside, too.

Arriving in town mere hours before his brother’s wedding hadn’t been the plan. No, he’d intended to arrive in Rhode Island two weeks ago for the bachelor party. Then, he’d assumed he’d visit with his family and indulge himself with some of Mathieu’s, his father’s chef, meals until the wedding. Maybe while there, he’d drive out to Connecticut and meet the newest member of the Sherbrooke clan. His cousin Callie’s son had been born that September, but he’d yet to see the baby, although he had spoken with Callie and her husband right after James was born.

Unfortunately, as often happened these days, his personal wants had gone on the back burner. In fact, in the past year, work had forced him to miss not only his brother’s bachelor party, but also his cousin Sara’s engagement party, the family’s annual New Year’s Eve bash in Newport, and Christmas. He missed Thanksgiving, too, but the flu caused that.

Work, however, had kept him from meeting Trent’s fiancée, the woman his brother was marrying in a matter of hours.

The plane’s wheels hit the runway with a thud, and Gray grabbed his tuxedo jacket and wool overcoat. He’d changed into the tux during the flight to save time. Even so, he was fully expecting the classic expression of disappointment his father had perfected over the years when he arrived at Trent’s apartment, the one Dad pulled out whenever one of his five children did something he didn’t approve of. Growing up, Trent had received that look the most. However, as of late, both he and Derek had received their fair share. Somehow, Alec and Allison escaped it most of the time.

Gray waited near the plane’s exit as it rolled to a stop. He took a step forward, prepared to open the door, but Becky beat him to it. A blast of cold air hit him head on, and he pulled on his overcoat, wishing his brother had picked June instead of January for his wedding.

“The weather channel said an artic cold front moved into the area. Looks like they got that right.” Becky took a step away from the door.

“Looks like it.” Gray glanced outside. Snow from a recent storm remained on the ground, and icicles hung from the airport’s roof. Had it only been that morning he’d left his hotel under a sun filled sky while people in shorts walked by? Mexico wasn’t one of his favorite places, but he’d take its weather over this any day.

“If my plans change, I’ll let you know, but otherwise, I’ll fly home on Friday.” He had no pressing matters at work, so he hoped to squeeze in a short visit with his family before returning to New York.

Becky took another step away from the door as a gust of wind whipped around him. “Enjoy the wedding.”

He planned to. He also planned to enjoy his visit with his dad and Abby, his stepmother, in Barrington. Perhaps if he was lucky, Mathieu would prepare some of his favorite dishes while he visited. The long-time chef, who, in many ways, was a part of the family, made sure each member got their favorite meals when home. He’d started the habit when Trent had first left for boarding school, and it continued to this day.

Gray pulled up his collar. The car he’d arranged to pick him up sat idling, the driver standing near the back door. So far today, he was two-for-two. He hoped his luck held, and he didn’t hit any traffic into Providence.

Even before Gray reached the car, the driver opened the back passenger door.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Sherbrooke. As soon as I get your luggage, we’ll be on our way.”

“I only have one suitcase today.” Gray ducked into the car, grateful for the heat blasting inside.

On a good day, and perhaps any other day except his brother’s wedding day, the trip from the airport in Warwick to his brother’s penthouse took ten minutes. Of course, since he’d already had a few things go his way today, a short trip to the city was too much to ask for.

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