His Needs:Billionaire Alpha

By: Ali Parker

Billionaire Alpha Book 4

Author Note

Just a quick note to my readers. Firstly, I sure do appreciate you guys! I’m listening, and this book 4 is my response to the overwhelming number of e-mails I’ve received about writing more of Damon and Bethany’s story. I thought it was over when I closed down the last book, Together Forever over a year ago.

I guess not, as a whole new world has opened up for Damon and Bethany.

IF you read Together Forever a while back, I just wanted you to know that I pulled the Epilogue, which had the wedding for Damon and Bethany. It doesn’t exist anymore. This book, His Needs picks up the Monday after their trip to Jamaica where they’re parents were married. They ARE engaged, but no wedding yet. Just wanted to update you so there was no confusion.

Hope you enjoy the story… and those that will follow thanks to your persistence!


Chapter 1


"Wait. You what?" Kendal's eyes widened. "What the hell were you thinking? It's been, what, three weeks?"

Damon shrugged and pulled the black napkin down into his lap, ignoring his closest friend's concerns. Beth was the woman for him and there really wasn't any going back from that decision. He'd measured her attitude, her drive, her hunger in the office and the bedroom and seen the signs of success in all arenas. She was going to be his forever, whether that started now or in five years.

"Just know sometimes." He nodded to the waiter who hovered beside them, the poor idiot looking like he'd just swallowed something poisonous. "Pour."

"Of course, Sir." The guy picked up the open bottle of red wine on the table and tipped it up to fill Damon's glass.

"No, you don't just know. You've never had a solid relationship in your life, Damon." Kendal ran his fingers through his messy brown hair.

"Who has?" He brushed his fingers over the rim of the glass as he glanced up to the bar. The gaggle of well-cared-for women had their eyes focused on either Damon or Kendal. Perhaps both. Funny how none of them even stirred him. Beth had to have sold her soul to the devil for the power she had over him. It was almost unfair, and yet he didn't believe in fate or fairness. A man made himself by his actions and choices, nothing else. The woman he'd fallen for was wickedly sensual, intensely intimate and willing to bow her knee to him alone.

She was all he needed.

"Lots of people." Kendal's voice rose in volume.

Damon gave him a look to warn him. He'd always been the alpha out of the two of them, Damon having led their fraternity as president his full five years at University of Texas in Dallas. Everyone respected him, and he expected it.

"That's bullshit. Just because you're wavering on the fence about dating some girl doesn't allow you the right to judge the timing of my proposal to Beth." Damon shrugged and lifted his glass to his lips.

One of the women from the bar seemed to have gained her courage. She walked over and pressed her well-manicured hands to the empty seat across from Damon and smiled.

"Hi. I couldn't help but notice you. Have we met before?" She smiled with a false sense of shy. It was almost cute. Almost.

"No, I don't think we've met." Damon motioned toward Kendal. "This is my good friend, Dr. Kendal Tarrington. I'm Damon Bryant."

"Your name is familiar." She pressed her fingers to her lips.

Damon couldn't help but chuckle under his breath at the way Kendal tensed up. He was forever lost to being confident around women after all the shit he'd been through. Funny enough, he was the biggest playboy outside of Damon back in school.

"Maybe we fucked in college?" Damon tilted his head and lifted his shoulders.

She laughed and glanced over her shoulder before returning her stare to Damon. "Maybe, but I'm thinking I would have remembered. I'm Terri."

"Nice to meet you, Terri. I'm a taken man, so this conversation is over before it's even begun, but Kendal here is-"

"Taken too. Thanks." Kendal smiled and waved at the woman.

"I wasn't hitting on you." She snorted as if her actions had nothing to do with bedding one of them for the afternoon. "I just thought you were familiar."

"Well now you know our names." Damon shooed her away as her smile dropped. "If you'll run along... Thanks."

Her face fell as she turned and flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Asshole."

"Damon. Shit." Kendal picked up his glass and emptied it. "Anyway, back to the conversation on Bethany. She seems like a really nice girl. I think you should take it slow. She's been through a lot with her friend getting stabbed. My understanding is that they're going to subpoena her to come testify against the girl who did it."

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