Fake Marriage with the CEO(6)

By: Amanda Horton


“No, Mr. Hawkins. She mentioned she was in the neighborhood and wanted to surprise you.”

“Thanks, Jenna. Tell her I’m on my way.” Wolfe collected his briefcase.

As he strode down the hallways, his mind returned to the possibility of sabotage. Impossible! Wolfe passed glass windows, through which he could see the non-medical staff consulting the lab-gowned technicians. It was that spirit of cooperation and trust that allowed the company to work like a well-oiled machine. From the moment visitors passed the uniformed security guards that manned the main entrance and were greeted by the team of receptionists, the standard of efficiency that was the hallmark of the Hawkins brand was apparent everywhere in the building.

As he stepped into his office, Wolfe was met by a familiar — and expensive — scent. “Hello, Mom.”

“Hello, darling.” Diane offered up a cheek to him.

Wolfe returned her greeting, and then eyed her warily. Diane Simpson was coiffed and elegantly dressed as any woman who belonged to New York’s high society. Known for her philanthropic work and love for the Arts, Diane’s face often graced covers of society magazines. But beneath the fragile exterior was a tenacity that her son only knew too well.

“What is it, Mom? Why the sudden visit?”

Diane feigned hurt. “Can’t I stop by and see my son?”

Wolfe raised an eyebrow. “You have tea at the Guggenheim with your friends every Thursday. So why are you here now?”

Diane fluttered a hand at him. “Op Art was on the agenda. You know I hate that optical illusion nonsense. It’s so…tacky. I ditched.”

Wolfe smiled. His mom considered anything outside the Renaissance era as trash. “You’ve never ditched before.”

“You’re right. There’s something I wanted to speak to you about.” Diane was silent. Wolfe sensed her struggling to maintain a neutral expression. “It’s about your Dad.”

In Wolfe’s vocabulary, Dad would forever mean William Hawkins. But Diane had moved on. He immediately knew who she was referring to. “You mean stepdad.” His eyes narrowed. “What about Bruce? What did he do this time?” Wolfe didn’t bother to disguise the scorn he felt for the man.

Diane had struggled to run the company following William’s death. At that time, Bruce worked as an Administrative Head. She claimed that Bruce helped her through the difficult times but Wolfe suspected that he was the reason the company almost folded.

“Oh, Wolfe, I wish you didn’t feel that way about him. He’s been good to me all these years.”

Sudden guilt assailed him. Wolfe wanted his mom to be happy. But marrying Bruce was one of the worst decisions she had ever made in her life. A product of a scholarship program, Bruce was intelligent and cunning, two traits all-too-familiar to Wolfe. Bruce Simpson clinched the biggest deal in his life by marrying into the Hawkins wealth. Wolfe couldn’t help but be suspicious.

“What is the problem then, Mom?”

Diane looked confused. “I can’t put my finger on it. Just this morning, he said that he needed a new wardrobe. Then he mentioned wanting an Aston Martin because he thinks the Rolls Royce too slow. He says he’s fine but I’m afraid he’s turning senile.”

Wolfe snorted. “I still have the bill from last month’s wardrobe upgrade. An Aston is out of the question. Why don’t you take him to a psychiatrist?”

“Yes, I’ll do that. It must be a stage he’s going through.” Diane sighed. “If only you gave me something else I could give my attention to, then I wouldn’t have to worry about Bruce so much.”

Wolfe stiffened. Had word about the company’s problems gotten out? “What do you mean?”

Diane wagged her finger at him. “If you settled down and got married, you could give me grandchildren to spoil.”

Wolfe breathed out in mingled relief and frustration. “You’re not bringing that up again, are you?”

“I’m not getting any younger. I want to enjoy my grandchildren while I still can.”

Wolfe shook his head. He suspected that she’d used Bruce’s strange behavior to

voice her real concern. It was a constant source of conflict between them.

“Whatever happened to that model you were dating? Victoria?” Diane asked.

“Every conversation we ever had ended up coming back to how much she wanted a Louis Vuitton bag. I bought the damned thing just to shut her up.”

“Stella then? She was an actress, wasn’t she?”

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