Delivered To The Billionaire

By: Ella London

Chapter One


He left.

He just walked out the door and left her without a single word except that he didn’t know what he was going to do. Alyssa jumped off the couch and ran to the door. That wasn’t good enough. She wanted answers; needed them after everything that had happened between them.

“Luke,” she called out to his retreating back.

A black town car idled in the driveway, the windows so dark that Alyssa couldn’t see the woman in the backseat, though she could feel the weight of her judgmental stare.

Luke stopped and ran his fingers through his hair, then turned slowly. The regret on his face hit her like a sucker punch. He was going with that vile woman.

“You promised.” Her voice shook and tears welled in her eyes. Damn him to hell. She had trusted him yet again. She believed everything he said. Invisible hands were reaching into her chest and ripping her heart out right there in the driveway of a rental house.

“Damn it,” he said, taking a step closer. “This is my company, Alyssa, my life. I built it from nothing and I can’t just let them take it all away from me for…” His voice trailed off and it hit her all at once.

“For someone like me?” she whispered. The tears she’d been fighting spilled over and flowed down her cheeks.

A muscle ticked in his jaw as he watched her. “That’s not what I meant.”

“But you really do.” She scrubbed her hand over her face, hating the fact that he got to see her fall apart. “You’re going to take my father's house and land which you promised me you wouldn’t only hours ago. Do you even realize that every time we’ve been together, you’ve lied to me?” A hollow laugh escaped from her throat. And how pathetic was she to keep believing that he’d changed in such a short amount of time.

He walked forward until she had to crane her neck to look up at him.

“I meant what I said. But these people will destroy me and still take your father’s house if I don’t do this.” His gaze skittered from hers and his jaw tightened.

God, could he be any more of a coward right now. He won’t even try and fight for anything real.

“Luke, the helicopter is waiting.” Lucy had lowered the window and her pinched face could be seen as she stared out at him.

Luke’s shoulders stiffened.

“I hate you.” The breath lodged in her throat and it felt like she was going to burst apart. Anger, no rage filled her body until it shook. “Go. I never want to see your face again for as long as I live.”

“Alyssa...” He reached for her and she took a quick step back. He’d lost the right to care at all for her.

Sorrow and regret filled his eyes, but behind it she could see the determination to save what was his. Luke exhaled and then turned away from her. His steps crunched in the gravel until he got to the car. A man in a dark suit opened the door for him and Alyssa caught another glance of the woman inside.

Lucy’s smile was triumphant as she stared at Alyssa until Luke was inside and the door shut. As the car pulled away, Alyssa’s tears dried up and an emptiness filled her chest. After everything that he’d put her through, Luke was really gone.

He had run away from the trust and true friendship they’d been starting to build together. She knew that it had been real—but unless you were willing to fight for it, nothing could survive.

Alyssa went back inside and upstairs to get her things. The house felt so cold now; empty. Was it only an hour ago she’d been laughing on the beach with Luke?

His words echoed in her mind in an endlessly repeating loop.

Your father doesn’t have to worry about losing his home. You don’t have to worry anymore.

How cheap those promises had been after all….

She let herself out, swiped her hand across her eyes again, hating that it hurt so much. And it did.

Because she had opened herself up to feeling something for him. She trusted Luke had believed everything he had told her. In the moment he might have even believed himself but when it came right down to it, when his back was against the wall, he broke that promise like it was nothing.

That’s what made it worse. He hadn’t fought for her or her father. Despite everything that had happened between Alyssa and Luke, what she thought had been a real connection, he let it all go just to keep his company. Why hadn’t he told her that he couldn't make that kind of promise, that there were investors pulling the strings behind the scenes?

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