By: D.D. Wyatt

Chapter One

“I don’t know. He’s just acting weird.” I rolled around my hot coffee cup in my palms, looking out over the other people in the cafe chatting and smiling.

“Maybe it’s work? What does he say when you ask?” Larissa replied.

“I tried to talk to him last night. He just said he was tired. This IPO thing. Then, when he doesn’t want to talk, I just get bitchy and he pulls away even more. Shit, I think moving in together was a mistake. Things were going so well. Maybe… fuck, I don’t know.”

“Are you still fucking?” Larissa gave me a crooked smile. She always cut to the chase.

“Yes.” I took a deep breath and exhaled. “And, no. I mean, see, that’s the other thing.” My eyes darted around the coffee shop. “We used to fuck like constantly, at least every day if not more… now, it’s like once a week and I usually have to be the one that starts things. I don’t want to think he’s cheating, he’s never made me think he was the cheating kind. But, shit! Fuck, something is up. I am nauseated all the time. I can barely function.”

“Well, the sex thing is a sure sign of trouble in paradise my sweet girl. You gotta jump on that and figure this out. No reason a smokin’ hot guy like Adam should not be rock hard 24 x 7 around you. His cock should be ready to shoot bullets a few times a day at least.” She gave me that devious smile again and my stomach turned knowing she was right.

Adam had always been ready to fuck if the wind blew past his cock. He used to sneak up on me and fuck me from behind even with people in the next room. He didn’t give a shit. If he needed it, he took it and that is one of the things that made me so head over heels for him.

He was a man, hard, quiet, tall, body build out of fire and brimstone, but it was more. He was intense, powerful, he took no shit from anyone and had no fear.

Once, my Mom and stepdad were over at his house the day after I moved in. I was in the kitchen making dinner and they were relaxing in the living room with some wine in front of the fire. Adam came up behind me, wrapped one hand around my waist and one around my throat, whispered in my ear, “Shhhhh” and bent me over the counter. He slowly lowered his face down, lifting the hem of my skirt, peeling apart my ass cheeks and tonguing me up and down as he pulled the thin strip of my thong to the side.

I wiggled and tried to protest silently, but he didn’t even acknowledge me, he opened my legs with his face and I was a puddle. Drowning once again his sexual dominance.

In one huge move, his towering body pressed against my back, the thick head of his cock coming up with him, guiding it right up and inside my already dripping snatch and slammed into me as my parents were asking me questions about the house from the living room.

“Are you okay in there dear? Can I help?” My 72 year old mom’s shaking voice echoed in the cathedral ceilings.

“NO!!” My words coming out in puffs as Adam plowed into me from behind, his hands gripping so tight onto my hips he left bruises the next day. “NO! I’m fine. Don’t come in, I’ll be right there… ahhhh.” Whimpers left my lips as my body seized up onto the rigid length of raw steel that impaled me against the cool, cream colored granite counter top.

“Good girl.” Adam rumbled softly into my ear as his cock head engulfed me, slipping one hand around to the front of my skirt, lifting it and attacking my open, wet slit from the front. Grinding his fingers forcefully against my swollen nub.

His own bucking thrusts coming faster and faster as he moved with urgency. His thick shaft pummeled me, and I heard Adam take a deep breath, then groan, spraying gobs of his liquid manhood deep into my clenching canal as my body shook and quivered in my own heady explosion of bliss. The sound of my parents voices coming closer as they argued about who should come in the kitchen to help me.

“Oh dear, please… let us help…” My mom’s sweet face came around the corner just as Adam shoved his still hard, dripping cock into his pants, smoothing my skirt down and giving me a quick kiss on the neck.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Spencer, I’m helping. Right honey?” Adam answered and gave Mom a reassuring smile as he put his heavy hands on my shoulders.

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