Billionaire's Unexpected Black Baby

By: Ciara Cole

Chapter 1

Nina couldn’t even remember blacking out some thirty minutes before. Now, she woke up somewhat stunned and confused as she stared around her unfamiliar surroundings.

Oh. It took a few moments, but she slowly realized exactly where she was. Luxurious mint-green satin sheets were tangled around her naked frame. She sat up quickly and gasped, clutching the sheets up at her neck. She tried to clear the lingering cobwebs by shaking her head, and then stared all around her once again.

When she’d stumbled in some hours ago, safe to say she hadn’t been in the state of mind to notice much. And, when just then the door opened and a tall, shirtless figure walked in, she was instantly reminded why and how she’d been out for that half hour or so.

This man…this utterly sexy, freaking hot male had succeeded in giving her the most mind-blowing orgasm of her existence. Now he stood before her, dressed in just low-slung distressed blue jeans, holding up two filled glasses.

He saw the look on her face and there came that half-smile of his that had held her from the first moment. “Good to see you’re awake,” he said. He was a man of few words, she’d realized soon after meeting him. After all, with a face and voice like his, he didn’t need to do or say much.

It had all started on a lavish, forty-foot super yacht earlier that night – and proceeded to this out-of-the way mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

Only yesterday Nina had arrived in Los Angeles for a few days’ vacation with her sister Diane. But when Diane took her along to tonight’s exclusive yacht cruise party, little had Nina guessed she’d end up in the bed of a smoking hot stranger.

Nina remembered arriving at the party feeling out of place and intimidated by all the opulence and wealth. Diane on the other hand, seemed used to it all, being a successful entertainment lawyer based in L.A.

As Diana introduced Nina round, it had been so easy to feel star-struck by all the known faces. It took all of Nina’s inbuilt confidence and poise to keep from being overawed.

Nina had never partied on such a vessel before. She’d never even been on a yacht, so this was a first in many ways. If only she’d known that soon, she’d be having her first ever one-night stand. And, it was going to be unforgettable.

Once Nina stepped on the huge sailing boat, she had walked into the dazzling world of the super-rich.

It was indeed an impressive floating pleasure palace, the lights from the boat illuminating the night sea. The interior was as plush as the exterior as Nina walked in beside her sister. Luxury had never seemed so refined. The staterooms were bigger than most apartments, and she sighted an infinity pool, while another swimming pool provided the ceiling of the bar and clubbing area where the main party took place.

On just about any day, Nina could easily attract any man she wanted and right now, she was simply out for a good time. She felt glad she’d listened to Diane’s advice to get back on the saddle right after Nina’s breakup with Alan.

Nina was barely a month after being dumped, and with the adrenalin pumping in her veins from the loud music, champagne, and magnificent setting, she needed a distraction.

And, he was looking right her from across the crowded party suite.

She surveyed his tall, trim frame with heightening interest. When it came to relationships, she mostly mixed with her own race, but there was something about this guy.

His light-colored eyes sent chills down her exposed spine. The high forehead, sunken cheekbones, chiseled jawline and clipped mouth had a sensuality that was severe, yet magnetic. She felt an irresistible urge to run her fingers through his stylishly short chestnut hair.

She didn’t want to look away, but just then her sister tugged on her elbow, drawing Nina’s attention to another guest in their group. They all stood chatting and laughing, but suddenly, she had no interest in socializing. Although she appreciated Diane’s efforts trying to set her up, there was no denying that Nina’s interest was firmly elsewhere.

As such, her gaze was drawn again to the spot where the handsome stranger stood, only to find him gone.

Resisting the urge to scan the room for his presence, Nina squashed any disappointment. Here she was, surrounded by numerous prospects, so why would she bother about anything else but having a good time?

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