Billionaire's Flight

By: Alexa Davis

Chapter One


"That was just what I needed," declared the gorgeous blonde as she rolled off of me onto her back. She flung an arm over her head and exhaled as she wrapped the sheet around her tanned torso and sunk into the pillows next to me. She laughed softly as she turned and said, "You doing okay, tiger?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I smiled. "It was just what I needed, too."

"Good," she said as she lightly brushed my arm with her fingers before squeezing my hand and looking sideways. "Need another round?"

"Nah, I'm good," I said, returning the squeeze. "You?"

"I'm good." She smiled as she let go, threw off the sheet, and rolled over. She sat up and stretched, giving me a view of her full breasts before standing up and walking to the bathroom.

"That ass of yours ought to be illegal," I called after her.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," she laughed. "Tell it to the judge, tiger!"

I chuckled as I swung my legs over the edge of the thick mattress and bent over to retrieve my boxers. I hated these things with a passion. Actually, I hated all clothing; it felt confining and restricting, but my mother had raised me to be a proper gentleman and so I adhered to social norms and wore what felt least restricting. I sighed as I looked at the deep blue silk shorts in my hand and then pulled them on before getting up and calling room service.

"I can't stay, you know," the blonde called from the bathroom. "I've got a date later and I'm going to have to eat something with him."

"Did I say that I was ordering anything for you, smart ass?" I muttered in an irritated tone before calling back, "Okay, no problem."

"I heard that," she said as she exited the bathroom.

"Heard what?" I feigned innocence.

"I heard you mutter under your breath out here." She smiled as she walked toward me. She was wearing a dress that wound its way around her curves like a dangerous mountain road and I shot her an approving smile as I flipped through the television channels looking for the Yankees game. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek before saying, "You know, Austin, you really need to find a woman who will do more than agree to a quick roll in the hay with you."

"But I like how we operate, Anna," I told her as I popped open a beer and took a long drink from the icy cold bottle. "It works for both of us, doesn't it?"

"It does indeed," she nodded as she dropped to her knees and bent to look under the bed for her shoes. Once she'd located the black stilettos, she pulled them out and sat down on the edge of the four-poster bed. "But you do realize that even I am going to find a guy to settle down with one of these days and then all of our fun times will be over, don't you?"

"Aww, you'd stop just 'cause you got married?" I pouted as I clicked through the channels, finally finding the game. I silently cheered when I saw the Yankees were leading the Mets.

"Austin," Anna said as she walked around the half-circle of the couch I was sitting on and dropped down next to me. She took the remote and beer and set them on the coffee table before taking both of my hands in her beautifully manicured own. She looked at me seriously as she said, "You are such a good guy. You've done so many amazing things and you have so much to offer the right woman, but you and I both know I'm not her. I'm perfectly happy being Ms. Right Now, but you need to find someone. You need a woman who will love you and treat you like the great guy you are."

"Aww shucks, Anna." I smiled a little as I looked down at the thick gray carpeting beneath our feet and made a note to tell the head of housekeeping that it needed to be spot cleaned.

"You're looking at the spot on that carpet making mental notes, aren't you?" she laughed, shaking her head.

"What? No!" I denied as I shook my head and looked up at her.

"Austin Marks," she said as she reached up and gently stroked my cheek. "I wish I was the woman who could set your heart on fire, but I'm not. I do, however, believe she's out there somewhere. You're just going to have to look a little closer and try a little harder."

"Now you're just blowing sunshine up my ass, cupcake," I grinned. She let go of my hands and punched me on the shoulder.

"You are absolutely infuriating!" she laughed. "Now, give me money for a cab."

"Wait, I'm financing your transportation to your date?" I said with mock resentment.

"Indeed you are, sweetheart." She smiled. "You know how this works. We both get what we need and then you give me cab fare!"

"You are such a scam artist, Anna." I shook my head sadly as I reached into my pants and grabbed some cash. "Here, tip the guy well for a change, will you?"

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